M. Warner Losh
1504 Aspen
Broomfield, CO 80020
(303) 725-7253

  • 10 years FreeBSD Core member
  • 20 years of Object Oriented Design, Analysis and Programming
  • 20 years C, C++, GUI Builder, GUI and X development
  • 20 years C and C++ language, compiler and portability expert
  • 14 years FreeBSD device driver and kernel programming
  • 14 years network programming and protocol design
  • 12 years custom shell scripts for Makefiles
  • 7 years GUI Builder, GUI and X development
  • 5 years FreeBSD security officer
  • 4 years HTML document authorship
  • 2 years Perl toolsmithing
  • 2 years Solaris device driver programming
  • 9 months Java

  • Languages C++, C, Java, sh, Perl, tcl/Tk, LISP, Prolog, TeX, Pascal, FORTRAN, etc
    OS FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Windows, etc
    Hardware x86, x86_64, Mips, ARM, PowerPC, Sparc, etc

    Principal Engineer
    Cisco Systems, Inc., Broomfield, CO and San Jose, CA
  • Led FreeBSD porting and architectural design efforts
  • Brought up FreeBSD/mips on Octeon CN38xx
  • Architected switch to Linux
  • Led a team of 50 developers for Linux-based infrastructure
  • Managed many simultaneous projects to completion
  • Implemented VP directives, including two week drop cycle
  • Mentored junior members
  • Wrote architecture and design documents
    Senior Software Engineer
    Timing Solutions / Symmetricom, Boulder, CO
  • Architected reusable software legos for timing systems
  • Ported FreeBSD/arm to Atmel AT91RM9200
  • Wrote SD/MMC stack for FreeBSD
  • Provided architectural guidance to engineering
  • Shrunk FreeBSD to a small footprint for inclusion on 16M flash parts
  • Wrote control programs for high precision time measurement systems
  • Wrote device drivers for various custom hardware
  • Setup repeatable build infrastructure
  • Debugged hardware problems down to the Verilog or schematic level
    Senior Software Engineer
    Pluto Technologies, Boulder, CO
  • Wrote device drivers for custom Digital Audio/Video hardware
  • Assisted the hardware engineers designing a software friendly interface
  • Debugged prototype hardware
  • Reorganized drivers to maximize code reuse
  • Provided design and implementation advise
  • Installed tkgnats to improve bug tracking system
    Member Technical Staff
    Ignite Technologies, LLC, Lognmont, CO
  • Developed prototype java compiler in java
  • Consulted on initial design of GUI builder
  • Architected initial GUI toolkit and component library
  • Maintained and extended GUI builder, including initial port to JDK 1.1 and Beans.
  • Designed and implemented build and source code control infrastructure
  • Setup remote office in Longmont to HQ in NYC
  • Setup networking, mail and firewall proxy connections
    Software Engineer
    Qualcomm, Inc, Boulder, CO
  • Designed and implemented time synchronization subsystem for Solaris/sparc to keep system time in sync with external time base
  • Designed and implemented Binary ASCII protocol translation library for automated test tool
  • Designed and implemented kernel STREAMS driver for BCN/ACN (a TCP/IP like protocol used in cellular networks)
    Senior Software Engineer
    Solbourne Computer/ParcPlace/Openware, Boulder, CO
  • Rearchitected ObjectBuilder(OB) and Object Interface (OI), an object oriented C++ GUI builder and toolkit, for multiple platforms
  • Ported OI to Windows NT
  • Implemented strict POSIX compliances and ported OI and OB to several Unix platforms
  • Wrote OB, an object oriented user interface builder for OI
  • Designed and Implemented highly integrated and automated build system
  • Supported Sales, Marketing, Documentation and Customers
  • System administration
  • Technical Editor, OI Book. Revisions 3.2, 4.0 and 4.5. Responsible for overall technical accuracy of the OI manual
  • Rewrote a homegrown bug tracking system to make it usable in a commercial environment
  • Developed and maintained OI demos
  • Team C++ Language Lawyer
  • Provided on-site consulting services to customers
  • Demonstrated OI/OB and related tools at numerous conferences
  • Rewrote imake build system from scratch
  • Provided level 1 support backup

    Warner Losh Consulting, Broomfield, CO
  • FreeBSD driver authorship
  • FreeBSD system design
  • Stock and Custom FreeBSD machines
  • Security penetration analysis and auditing
  • Configuration auditing
  • Web site building
  • Custom Unix, C++, Java and OO programing
  • General system administration
    Senior Software Engineer

    Qualix Group, Inc, Boulder, CO
  • Developed remote disk mirroring software
  • Optimized its Solaris driver for size and speed
  • Developed portability later to driver to maximize code sharing
  • Stabilized driver
  • Optimized network transfer speed of daemons
  • Wrote complete package build system
  • Installed and instituted gnats and wwwgnats for bug tracking
  • Installed and instituted CVS for source code control

    Free Time

  • Wrote SD/MMC stack for FreeBSD
  • Wrote bootloader for FreeBSD/arm on Atmel AT91RM9200
  • Maintained PC Card and Cardbus subsystems
  • Enhanced driver infrastructure
  • Enhanced pci driver infrastructure
  • Served on FreeBSD core team 2/01-7/08
  • Acted as code janitor for unloved pieces of code like USB
  • Mentored many new FreeBSD developers
  • Resolved disputes among committers
  • A Security Officer for FreeBSD
  • Fixed security holes in FreeBSD
  • Fixed bugs in FreeBSD
  • Maintained UPDATING file
  • Ported pccard code to newbus
  • Ported NetBSD pcmcia code to FreeBSD
  • Maintained drivers related to pcmcia cards
  • Added support for pci modems to FreeBSD
  • Learned Japanese to facilitate communication with programming community there
  • Helped port NetBSD to MIPS based Windows CE machines
  • Ported OpenBSD and Linux to a MIPS based "arc" machine
  • Ported GNU Emacs and other large programs to OpenBSD/arc
  • Installed FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux on numerous machines
  • Wrote and maintained Adaptech 1542 driver for FreeBS
  • Engineered popular OI Linux givaway
    The Village
  • Installed wireless link to remote site for additional bandwidth
  • Treasurer for the Village Networking Association (a small non-profit ISP)
  • Operated the network hub of 4 machines with 6 phone lines.
  • Designed network toplogy and installed hardware.
  • Transitioned POTS setup to ISDN, 802.11 wireless (5.5 mile link)
  • Provided support to members when problems arose.
  • Installed and maintained web, ftp, mail and domain service.
  • Ported MicroEmacs to the Rainbow, based on the work of earlier porters
  • Wrote 3.5" floppy driver for Rainbow which had no support for 3.5" drives
  • Produced and distributed many small utilities for the DEC Rainbow
  • Wrote progam that remapped interrupts so Turbo C would run w/o modification on the non-PC standard Rainbow.

    Education BS in Computer Science and Mathematics May 1989
    New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM
    Cumulative GPA : 3.42 CS GPA : 4.00 Math GPA: 3.50
  • Selected as Tech Scholar
  • Wrote multi-user, virtual memory operating system kernel
  • Wrote Pascal compiler, VAX assembler and linking loader on BSD 4.2

  • This résumé produced with autores written by M. Warner Losh