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Last update: 30 November 1998

Libretto Libretto things: Adorable Libretto link. Paul Chatfield's Libretto webring.

Warner's experimental section

Connecting the Newton Keyboard to the Serial port. Download version 1.0.0. It is known to work on FreeBSD 3.0 on my Libretto. It also worked at one time on a Sun SparcStation 5 running Solaris 2.5.1. It should work on any system, but might need some work around the serial port code. Make me happy, and get your name in lights by writing a manpage :-).

Connect your newton keyboard to a WinCE machine. This includes a nice picture of wiring.

See also the FreeKey homepage for connecting a Newton keyboard to a PalmPilot.

Connecting Digital LK201 serial keyboard to a serial port. Dan McMahill's effort to document the interface and a cool hack for dec keyboards on the atari. While this does work, it is very bulky.

Future links for general interfacing to the PC and the keyboard will be inserted here soon.

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