It's the Continuing Chronicles of Eric on the Ice

The images here were taken during Eric's 1996-1997 trip to the Antarctic, and were brought back by Mark Maybee. Like last year, the commentary has been made up completely out of whole cloth by the members of Pub Night, based purely on the names of the files and the images in them.

jeep.jpg ``Jeep''
The Ultimate Boulder Commuter Vehicle, inexplicably discovered under the ice in the Antarctic.

diner.jpg ``Diner''
Here's an exterior view of our haute cuisine dining locale, known to the local upper crust as ``Bubba's''.

momsdin.jpg ``Mom's Diner''
Ewe can get anything you want....

inge-ol.jpg ``Inge-Olga''
Sorry, boys, but you can't have the sheep. We're saving it for dinner.

vickie.jpg ``Vickie''
Interestingly enough, this picture was downloaded many times before the web page itself ever got set up. Why anyone would expect to see anything of a prurient nature in pictures taken in the middle of an ice field is beyond us.

jeff.jpg ``Jeff''
``Hold upside down and shake to reboot''
I wonder if he'll ever figure out we gave him an Etch-A-Sketch....

mailsyst.jpg ``Mail System''
This is the system we use to exchange email with the outside world. Uncle Sam keeps saying that ``nothing's too good for Our Boys.'' This is an interesting definition of ``too good''.

laser.jpg ``Laser''
We've been testing out alternatives for the current mail system. Next year, we're gonna bring a BIG one of these guys down, and bounce it off that frigging satellite.

dons-ba.jpg ``Don's Banana''
Of course, some guys get a little weird, out here in the middle of nowhere.

bananna.jpg ``Banana'' bananna2.jpg ``Banana 2''
What is it with this banana fixation, anyway? Normal people would be thinking about sheep....

office.jpg ``Office''
Here we see the luxurious office environment. Wait. Aren't cubicles supposed to at least have walls?

rec-ctr.jpg ``Rec Center''
The sheep storage facility.

stuck.jpg ``Stuck''
Blast it, they were right. It isn't a giant FreeZee pop. Hopefully no one's noticed I've gotten stuck to it.

airsoar.jpg ``AirSoar''
This is our heavy-duty crop-duster. Now, if only we could find some crops....

otter-a.jpg ``Otter A''
dong, dong, dong...
De plane, Boss, de plane!

tentcity.jpg ``Tent City''
Ehhh, I knew I shudda taken that left toin at Albukoikee.

mugshot.jpg ``Mugshot''
Just before this shot was taken, Eric was informed that they were seriously considering extending the length of the expedition. We have the technology, we can reboot him.

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