Welcome to the Chronicles of Eric on the Ice

The images here were taken during Eric's trip to the Antarctic, and were brought back by Mark Maybee (Eric's still on ice). The commentary has been made up completely out of whole cloth by Dworkin and some of the Pub Night regulars, based purely on the names of the files and the images in them.

Desolation Welcome to the fun-filled Antarctic, bursting with more recreational opportunities than you can possibly imagine.

Unloading First comes the minor detail of getting the luggage off the plane.

Group Unloading The concert starts in 1 hour. The crowd here doesn't seem too bad, yet.

Winnebago Luxury touring vehicles are available, for when you want to go exploring.

Permanent Building View Here we see the palatial Camp Byrd Manor House. This is a perfect example of how false the claims of global warming are, as we haven't had time yet to redecorate since the surfing school's waterway froze over.

Jamesway Outside Can you tell which side is 'self-serve' and which is 'full-serve'

Permanent View 2 Every once in a while, someone does go on a killing spree with the bulldozer, but usually nobody important gets hurt, so it's not worth worrying much about.

Eric Outside Hurry up and take the picture before the rest of my face turns the color of my coat, or that weird looking snail-thing gets me.

Eric Outside You try to sleep when the sun never sets.

Jamesway Interior 1 And here we have the plush, spacious offices that you'll be using during your stay here.

Jamesway Interior 2 We also have an airplane simulation area, so that if a big one ever lands here, we'll know how to take it over and get out.

MarkM Our friendly wait staff is eager to help.

Pilots? Here's our provisional cover photo for the Pilots album.

Tethered Otter You ever see John Carpenter's The Thing? This is part of the standard safety precautions we take to avoid letting anything we find get out of camp and take over the world.

Otter1 Passengers must be at least THIS tall to ride on the Otter.

Tents? I'm sorry sir, but we can't let you past this line. We're trying to give the grass a chance.

Another otter shot

Yet another otter

Thanks to John Gladu for the otter1 and outjame1 captions.

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