Here is a pattern from the mysterious crop circles, with annotations of a possible translation. No one is sure what it means yet, but it is obvious that either the vegetables are trying to communicate with us, or a bunch of UFO's did it. Now which do you think is more likely?

Many attempts have been made by humans to create these circles using boards, etc., to push down the wheat, and thus to prove they are of human origin, however, this always results in broken stems. No human made patterns contain the unbroken stems (which allow growth to continue) of the authentic circles. Two people in the United Kingdom confessed to having created the circles, but, the circles they created as a demonstration had broken stems, and working full time they would not be able to produce the circles in the UK, let alone the rest of the world. The confession of the "hoax", was itself a hoax, they never created the crop circles they claimed, and the real crop circles continue to appear.

One theorist claims that the patterns are created by electrically charged vortices in the atmosphere, or, in modern parlance, electric tornados. How do electric tornados acquire such artistic skill? Let's go back to the UFO theory, shall we?

The crop circles continue to appear mysteriously, overnight, in fields of crops all over the world, as they have for half a century, perhaps longer.

This image is of 13 moons in a circle. This is probably a reference to the 13 full moons that occur every year.