[ed. note It is important to note that these vegetables are being sacrificed ritually every year, as part of the religious customs of Halloween. (All Hallow's evening/All Souls Day/ All Saints Day.)
Further, it is important to note that plants have "rites" too! (See Irish Potato revolt, and Crop Circles page, about vegetable religious ceremonies and ceremonial grounds.)]

We at PETP ( People for Ethical Treatment of Pumpkins) wish to express our outrage at the inhumane and cruel treatment of our little orange friends at the hand of unethical and barbaric pumpkin hunters! Once again, with pumpkin season upon us, thousands of so called "humans" will take to the fields in a cruel and evil frenzy to capture and kill one of God's most harmless and beautiful creatures, the pumpkin. Why must we allow this carnage to continue? Men no longer need to hunt the pumpkin to place food on their tables and feed their families. Must we allow the killing of millions of helpless pumpkins just to fill some caveman need for "sport"? Oh yes, some hunters do used the poor little lifeless bodies of the pumpkins they ruthlessly kill to make pumpkin pies and pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread, but such foods can be made from domesticated produce without having to track down and kill our poor wild pumpkins! But, the vast majority of pumpkin hunters are trophy hunters, who stalk, track down, and kill poor little pumpkins just for a trophy for their porch or a window! This sickness is only made worse in the way these hunters allow, yes, even encourage, their children (CHILDREN!) to cut, gouge, gash, and carve with knives the sad little gutted dead bodies of their prey. Thus encouraging both a new generation to this hideous "sport", and teaching poor little children to disrespect and treat in cruel way our fellow creatures on this planet. Worse, many schools now take their children on field trips to the habitat of the wild pumpkins. They turn them loose to chase down the little orange creatures and rip them from their families. Furthermore they carry them back to school where the awful and hideous mutilation of their poor trembling bodies is encouraged by their teachers! This must stop! Our scientists have known that, like humans, pumpkins mate for life and form loving and caring family units. We at PETP urge you to write your Representative and demand a stop to be put to this yearly slaughter of helpless pumpkins. We urge you to protest at stores which sell both captured pumpkins or the traps, knives, and guns used by those who hunt them. But most of all, we urge you, if you have trapped a pumpkin and he or she is still alive, PLEASE return him or her to wild so he or she may once be reunited with his or her family, to live our their lives as Mother Nature intended, free in the wild!

[ed. note: Further, we must be aware of all of the insidious customs that have become so ingrained in our daily lives, that we think nothing of the sacrifice of vegetables! These are cult-like behaviors, where no behavior is questioned when it is promoted by the cult.

For example, the phrase "Mom and apple pie" has the connotation of a standard perfect reality by which other realities may be compared and measured. There are sacrificed apples in that pie!!! Often with Hexagrams inscribed in the pastry on top, to invoke some magical change in the world!!!

"Like peaches & cream" is a phrase used to indicate that everything is very good, but the underlying assumption is that you butcher the poor defenseless fruits in the prime of their youth, without even giving them a sporting chance to run, cover them with a little milk and eat them raw!

"Life is like a bowl of cherries." Need I say more about this one? Mass fruiticide.

"Chest-nuts roasting on an open fire"... Throwing living creatures into the flames, still alive, to prepare them for eating, customary during the Christmas holidays!

"Is that a banana in your pocket?" The underlying concept here is that it is quite normal for a person to carry around a banana until they decide to skin it alive and eat it. Hopefully they will dispose of the peel properly, as we wouldn't want Freud to slip!

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Here, good health is clearly linked to eating apples. This is a cultural encouragement to kill apples quite casually, as an everyday occurrence, for the simple purpose of good health. No one asked the apple how they felt about this.

"He is a fruit." , "She is a nut." Degradation of humans, classifying them as sub-standard, by association with vegetables, fruits, etc. (Which by implication are sub-standard, having no value other than as food.)

"He is a vegetable." A diagnosis of a human who has had his intelligence completely disabled by a medical situation. Again, by association with vegetables, and the underlying assumption that vegetables have no intelligence or value.

"Comparing apples and oranges"... Oh yes, there is one other thing fruits are good for besides eating, you can use them for math problems...

"Do I look like a turnip that just fell off the turnip truck?" The implication here is that turnips have no intelligence, and that one may insult a human's intelligence by comparing it to that of a turnip. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that turnips are not intelligent, and given the wide range of human intelligence, it is highly probable that there are some humans out there that are less intelligent than a turnip.
"If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.
If turnips were watches, I'd wear one by my side.
And if ifs and ands were pots and pans,
There'd be no work for tinkers."

This one implies, among other things, that turnips are useless for telling time. However, in England, when timepieces were a relatively new thing, the large pocket watches were sometimes called "turnips". This may be the root of the confusion.
It is easy and fun to criticize bad behaviors when you observe them in others, but, only the truly brave and wise can do this... while looking in the mirror.

Search your own soul. Do you have any pre-conceptions?