Citing a US Supreme Court decision, Tommy Tomato protests his uprooting as the spokesvegetable for the Boulder Vegetable Rights Association, and demands to be replanted with an extra allotment of fertilizer in consideration of the time during which he was replaced by cutesy carrot. Tommy is "a-peel-ing" the BVRA's original decision to "weed" him out of the spokesvegetable "field", saying the whole thing was "a plot." Cutesey Carrot replied that "Tommy is just trying to dig up a lot of dirt." Patty potato is rumored to be eyeing the spokesvegetable job as well. Camille Cucumber has longed for a role such as this.

- Darragh

The supreme court ruling is somewhat narrow. It was just for the purposes of tarrif collection that tomatoes are vegetables. Therefore I don't think Tommy has a leg to stand on.

- Warner